Month: April 2016

Get rid of male teachers!

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So, today has been one of those days (like every other day) where we (society) tell girls that they are responsible for the thoughts and actions of grown ass men.  Yes, Erykah made plenty of disclaimers and tried not to put the responsibility on the young female students.  But when its all said and done, longer skirts are supposed to keep the brain focused so the paynus doesn’t notice. 

In a nutshell, Ms. Badu said that she agrees that girls’ skirts should be longer because male teachers are naturally attracted to young girls, especially those in short skirts.  Because men are sexual (and women aren’t?), we shouldn’t be surprised when they can’t control themselves.  So, the solution is to make the skirts longer.  Makes sense right?

Well I have a solution: get rid of male teachers.  If men are naturally sexual deviants then why do we want them around our girls?  If men cannot control their sexual urges then why would we want them around our boys teaching them that their sexual urges are more important than a girl’s autonomy over her body?  And, sure, #notallmen, but since they don’t come with a warning label we should get rid of them all.  Don’t want to take any chances, ya know? The only problem is that doesn’t solve the issue of female teachers sexually assaulting their male students. Hmmm… Longer shoe laces, perhaps? 

If you are fluent in sarcasm then I am sure you are aware that I do not want to get rid of male teachers at all.  What I would like to see, however, is responsibility placed back where it should be: on the men.  Yes, there are perverts in the world and we can’t get rid of them.  But we have to stop giving them excuses to fall back on when they violate a young girl (or a grown woman.)  When you say, “Wear longer skirts so the men won’t become sexually aroused,” a predator says, “I couldn’t help myself.  She was dressed like she didn’t mind.”  They get their excuses from those of you that refuse to hold them accountable. 

Let’s be honest here.  If a man finds school-aged girls attractive, skirt length is the least of our problems.  There are too many girls and women that have been on the receiving end of sexual advances wearing a track suit and tube socks.  Clothing isn’t the issue.  It never has been.

Men are not animals.  They have working, functioning brains and they know right from wrong.  We expect them to be leaders, run households, countries & businesses, but we can’t expect them to not make sexual advances towards our girls?  If I were a man, I’d be slightly offended.  We think so little of them, yet expect them to run the world. 

It is our duty to expect better from them.  If we don’t, we will continue to raise men just like the ones we need to protect our girls from.  So, let’s shift our  focus from creating longer skirts to cultivating better people.