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Let me start by saying that I will not be surprised if the allegations against Bill Cosby are true.  Be mad.  Guess what?  Zero > fucks I give.  Somehow, after centuries of being beaten, falsely accused and down right mistreated we (black people) seem to have forgotten that we are capable of doing some terrible shit, too.  Oh, and who does terrible shit is not determined by status, wealth, influence or color. 

The idea that Bill Cosby couldn’t have possibly raped all those women because he is Bill Cosby is the most ridiculous foolishness I have ever heard.  Guess what?  Come closer so I know you are paying attention.  You don’t know Bill Cosby!  You know Heathcliff Huxtable, the gynecologist.  (Yes… gynecologist.  I wonder if that is just a coincidence.  Hmm.)  You only know what he and his publicist allow you to know about him.  All we know is that he donated money to HBCUs (‘preciate it), had a postive, black hit tv show (loved it) and preached respectability politics to black folks (hated it with 2 snaps and a circle.)  Oh… and the Jello pudding.  But what do you really know about this man?  Don’t worry.  I’ll wait.

Moving on.  Some of you I-defend-every-black-male-celebrity, cape wearing mofos are really…what’s that word… ummm… oh yeah… stupid.  Hypocritically stupid. In one breath you are claiming that we weren’t there so how do we know that he did.  And with the same funky breath have the nerve to call the accusers lying, attention seeking, money grubbing whores.   As a rape victim myself, let me explain something.  Had I went to turn in a millionaire for rape and they refused to prosecute because of who the assailant is, trust me when I say that the least you will do is run me some coins.  Will it ease the pain?  Will it erase the memories?  No.  But he would deserve to pay one way or the other. 

“Ain’t no way I would’ve waited all these years to come forward.”  Sigh.  First, you don’t even have the backstory right.  Bill Cosby is not in the media right now because some white women came forward.  No.  The white woman is not at fault here.  A brotha,  a black man, an African-American comedian (if he likes labels) ousted him while doing his set.  Then it began to spread across the internet as information like this seems to do.  Now I need you to lean in close again.  Even closer this time.  Perfect.  You do not get to decide when a rape victim gets to come forward.  That is not your choice.  Rape is a traumatic event that affects all people differently.  “So, 16 (and counting) women and they all kept it to themselves until now?”  Let me get this straight.  You are going to assume that at least one out of those 16 had to come forward because statistics.  Well, 16 out of millions of women makes you pretty bad at statistics.  Oh and news flash.  Some of those women did speak up.  Your boy, Bill even paid alleged victims to keep quiet.  The others that spoke up?  Well, some of those lawyers didn’t want to be the ones that brought down Mr. Jello pudding, the gynecologist.  Think I’m lying?  Go to Google. She will always lead you in the right direction.   While you are at it also ask Google about statute of limitations.  

But Janice Dickinson is a coke head, attention whore.  Hmmm.   The same can be said of most of the rape victims of Daniel Holtzclaw.  (Again, Google.)  None of these women have to be Suzie Homemaker to deserve not to be raped or taken seriously.  If they were the perfect victims would that make you feel better?  Or are there certain women (and men) that deserve to be raped?  But she took the pill willingly!  She knew what was going to happen.  Nobody flies you around the country for nothing.  Whew!  Y’all sound like professional rapists.  If you buy me drink after drink and I eventually pass out, does that mean my ass is yours for the taking?  I mean, I did drink the alcohol willingly.  So, that must mean that I wanted to wake up naked with semen between my legs, right?  I mean, I wanted to have sex with him so bad that I wanted to do it while passed out.  Sounds stupid as fuck, right?   Yeah, that’s what you sound like.  Guess what, in order for the sex to be consensual, at the very least the other party must be awake and cognizant of what is going on. They also have to be participating willingly.  Yes.  Yes, that is true.  Don’t argue.  You sound rapey.

These are not the only victims in the world that kept the alleged rape to themselves. People do it all the time. And some of the main reasons for that is because you will not believe them, they are not perfect victims and they will be ridiculed and their life, pain and anguish publicized for the world to see. Your reaction to these alleged victims speaking out is exactly why a lot of victims don’t do it. So, you should ask yourself if you are creating the safe space needed to allow rape victims to come forward. I can answer that for you. You’re not.

I’m really sick of the excuse that they are just trying to keep a black man down.  Bill Cosby is loved by them because he tells us how to behave.  Here is the thing though.  Over a dozen accusers who do not know one another have come forward with similar stories and you believe it makes more sense that these women are part of a large conspiracy to bring down 77 year old Bill Cosby?  Let me throw some sense in the middle of all this rambling:

Black men, for centuries, have been beaten, falsely accused and unjustly imprisoned.  I recognize that.  I understand the we have a unique history that should make us question everything.  However, that does not mean that black men are incapable of committing horrifying crimes.  It does us no good to ignore that fact.  It seems that many of us are doing just that especially when the assailant is a black male celebrity.  Because they are in the spotlight we want them to be perfect people.  We need them to be perfect people because we know that on some level they represent black people.  When they do well we celebrate.  When they do wrong we either fervently defend them and/or forgive them.  We saw that with R. Kelly, Ray Rice, Floyd Mayweather, etc. and now we are seeing it with Bill Cosby.  It seems that the black community provides black male celebrities with an Invincibility Cloak.  We are cultishly loyal even if it comes at the expense of their victims never getting justice.  If you really want to save someone, choose one of these black men that are falsely accused and doesn’t have the best lawyers at his disposal with millions of dollars to pay them.  Choose one of these victims of the justice system that needs someone to believe their story, especially when the facts don’t add up.  You’d rather defend a man knocking out & dragging his fiancee out of an elevator, a man urinating on an underage girl on video, a man who beat the mother of his children in front of his child and a man that spoke of drugging women and raping them in his comedy set titled “It’s True! It’s True!”

Here’s the thing.  No one is 100% sure of Bill’s guilt or innocence.  With all stories and facts I have my own opinion.  I will not blindly defend Bill Cosby because I loved his character on a tv show.  I will not blindly defend him because we share the same skin color.  And I will not defend him because I think the alleged victims shoulda, coulda, woulda.  I am also not siding against him because of those things either.  My opinion comes from what I believe to be common sense.  The conspiracy theories that some of you have come up with sound no different from the Zimmerman and Wilson supporters out there.  Yeah, I said it.  #InnocentUntilProvenGiven right?  Or do we only ignore facts when it’s our Black Celebrity Gods standing in the fire?